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Some Wrong Ideas That Are Not Of The Light

In this article I will present what I think are some of the most important “untruths” that have found prevalence inside some “light communities”. My intention is to draw attention to them, and be able to respond to them on the basis of common sense, and with a practical and realistic approach. When we think about what each thought-form, idea or belief can do to the natural features of lightworkers, i.e. empathy, clarity, open heart and sensitivity, then we can see if it is truly based on light or not. In other words, we only need to look at how each idea, each thought-form, defines us in relation to other beings, other humans, and to our existence, and compare this definition to our own inner light, to know if the idea is a truth or an untruth. Below I introduce 12 untrue thought-forms or wrong ideas, and add a short explanation to each one.

1. All is love, and darkness is an illusion: Untrue

It takes only common sense, and certainly empathy, to see and know that the suffering that exists, the deception, the crimes, the wars, and the corruption, is not an illusion. And no true spirituality can deny that humanity deserves to live in a much freer, safer, just, and healthy world. In the current situation of our planet, darkness exists in many places and actions. Conspiracies are not just a theory, and much should be corrected and improved. Awakening is a must, even if it is shocking/disturbing at first stages for some people.

2. Darkness is needed in balance with light: Untrue

This is a mind control idea that has found its way into many “light communities”. Some so-called spiritual teachers promote darkness as a necessary counterweight to light. This is wrong. When we talk of darkness as “negative aliens agendas”, and crimes against humanity, divine will and cosmic laws, this should not be understood in terms of physical polarities or physical laws. Light does not need darkness to do what it does or to be perceived as light.

3. Suffering and pain is needed for growth and evolution: Untrue

Suffering does not stimulate growth. Suffering inhibits growth. Suffering hurts the body, the mind and the soul. It can close the heart, blocking empathy in a way that is comparable to suppression of Goddess energy. It makes one vulnerable and open to programming by forces who caused the suffering in the first place. It creates chaos and illness. Those who suffer, and are victimized, may/can be programed so they decide to want to inflict pain on others. And in this way the suffering grows in human societies in what may be called a Victim-Victimizer chain of reaction.

4. Whoever is suffering, is suffering because of karma, and whoever is in a good place, is there because of karma: Untrue

This mind control system of thinking assumes that whatever people experience is a result of karma. Even some supposedly “spiritual” leaders talk of unfortunate people who had very bad experiences and suffered horribly as paying for the karma of their past lives or paying for what they did previously. This archonic strategy kills people’s empathy, sensitivity to the suffering of others, and creates mental and emotional confusion. This concept of karma is not true and cannot be. The dark forces do not seem to be included in such a system of karma as they have been creating suffering for a very long time, at least thousands and thousands of years on Earth.

5. Being a neutral observer means not having empathy and not feeling for other people: Untrue

Being a neutral observer does not mean one should not care about others. It means one cannot afford to lose mental and spiritual readiness, clarity, and discipline. One cannot be overtaken by negative feelings of wrath and hatred, because one needs to take strong action that is on the basis of inner light. And if you are not in the position of neutral observer, you lose the preparedness to take the right action, and other forces might get the better of you.

6. Material prosperity, abundance, or convenient life is at odds with spirituality: Untrue

There is no reason to believe that a being who lives on the basis of divine light, divine love, and divine will, should be poor. This is the thought-form propagated by the cabal and the negative aliens agenda to suppress spiritual beings, and to stop them from having any power and social influence. And also to make spirituality an “unpleasant achievement”.

7. Politics is completely out of the sphere of spirituality: Untrue

Politics is the sphere of decision making and control over the destiny and fate of humanity, the planet and ultimately all beings that live here. We can never for a moment think that true spirituality cannot or should not care about that fate. While truly spiritual people do not seek power as a service-to-self aspiration, or to exert control over others on the basis of selfish motivations, and while no truly spiritual person can look at the current political situation of the world without being unsatisfied, we must care and be responsible about our collective destiny and how our planet is run.

8. Meditation is only a way to find peace of mind: Untrue

Well, meditation is one of the most efficient ways to find peace of mind, but is not just that. Meditation has different forms, and some forms of it are used to make coherent collective signals that can affect the collective consciousness fields. Meditation can be a power tool in the hands of humanity to try and improve the timeline of the events. Meditation can be used against dark agendas and intentions. Meditation can be used to work on the light grid of the planet. This power the cabal and the negative aliens agenda always try to hide from humanity, and reduce meditation to a form of recreational activity for people with too much on their minds.

9. Doing meditation at the time of full moon is an act that plays into the hands of the dark ones: Untrue

The dark ones do dark rituals at the times of full moon, and at the same time propagate the idea that doing peace meditations at these times is not good. This is because they want to monopolize astrological opportunities, and be able to pump the biggest amounts of negative energy into the grid, while keeping humanity unaware of the tools they have that can be utilized to counteract this.

10. All that has happened on Earth and the universe was known, planned or wanted by the Source/Creator: Untrue

This seems be a thought-form that makes people have a determinist, cult-like or indifferent approach to human life, and lose sympathy. It is important to know that humans and so many other beings like humans, have free will. A person who thinks everything that happened, happened by the will and approval of the Creator, would in most likelihood underestimate his own role or the role played by humanity’s collective will in the creation of the state of everything. Or at the very least, this person would develop confused ideas about the role of human will. And this thought-form is created by/creates wrong perceptions about the Source. And since the Source is not all-powerful and omnipotent in all planes and dimensions of reality, all cannot have been willed, wanted or planned by the Source.

11. Not being judgemental means not judging darkness: Untrue

Many people say as a motto “do not judge” or do not be judgemental. This does not mean (or should not mean) we should be indifferent or think there is no good and no evil. Only, point is that we should not close our heart and judge things or people in discriminatory, unjust or biased ways. Judgement should be issued by common sense based on the inner light and the Source. It should not be based on negative ego and a sense of separation, but from the point of view of love and integrity. And that judgement should be based on light and from a neutral point of view.

12. Light forces are going to be our saviors who have promised to lead us into their heaven, while all we have to do is wait: Untrue

Light forces are helping in the liberation of planet Earth. And they are doing what they can to eradicate darkness forever. But this does not mean we are just to wait and expect to be taken by the hand and lead by the light forces into a state if eternal bliss. Things do not work in this way. And they are not our gods and are not to be worshipped as such saviors. They are helping us but at the same time asking us to be free and sovereign and take initiative and help ourselves and them too. They want humanity to wake up and take as much responsibility as we can. Because this is the way evolution ultimately works. This is humanity growing up to be part of the galactic family. This is not some gods coming to us to judge us and lead us to a place of reward/punishment for which we only have to wait. This is awakening. This is the responsible approach humanity must apply to its new existence even if there were no extraterrestrial forces/civilizations out there waiting to meet us.

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